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5 Expert Tips for Choosing the Best POS Cash Register


A cash register is one of the items any retail shop cannot

do without. Many types of cash registers are available today to help business people process their transactions. Among these types, the Point of Sale (POS) cash register remains one of the favorites for owners of small businesses.

The benefit of POS cash registers is it gives entrepreneurs

the ability to run database marketing. In other words, you’ll get a unique opportunity to record information about customers and their purchasing histories accurately.

With such information, you will be able to market to the

persons who are most likely to buy. This will definitely put your business in the right track to faster growth. You cannot obtain such kind of performance from traditional cash registers. But you will need to buy a high-quality POS cash register that is elaborate and computerized.

Making that choice could be difficult given the number of

brands each producing different models and their variations. With a few tips at

the back of your mind, you’ll be able to buy a comprehensive and dependable POS system that will catapult your business to levels that only existed in your


Here are the guiding tips:

1. Business Size and Needs Matter

What is the size of your current activity? Where do you

desire to see your business in the future? Answers to these questions can help

you make a reliable decision when choosing the cash registers for small business.

Overestimation is a real risk here, but you should do your

best to be as realistic as possible. In case your activity level is high, then

you will need a more robust POS system. Only such can adapt to the increased growth and expansion rate of your investment.

If your business is still small, then a traditional cash

register is ideal. However, you must know any increase in the level of activity of your setup will force you to go for an elaborate POS.

2. Security Is Paramount

Your concern for security should be high when dealing with

cash and electronic payments. How secure your money and information depends on the security features of your cash register. Traditional cash registers lack in

terms of these features. A simple lock with selective authorization may not lock out a determined thief or shop-lifter.

Choose an innovative POS register if you want optimal

security for your money. It will allow various rights for cashiers. It also ensures maximum protection for customer personal information and data.

3. Inventory Tracking and Customer Information Management Capabilities

Regular monitoring may not be necessary if you are dealing

with minimal stock. Things are different when inventories are higher. POS systems are great and convenient in tracking inventories and managing the personal information of your loyal customers.

You’ll find it easy to monitor daily transactions and

indicate with high levels of accuracy the amount of stock remaining in the warehouse.

These capabilities are essential if you seek to grow a pool

of loyal customers. An ingenious POS cash register can provide reliable information about customers, preferences and their purchasing habits. Even more interesting is that you can view real-time statistics and therefore create

targeted campaigns for your customers.

As a reward to loyalty, high-quality sales management

systems give the customers to view their accumulated points, history of shopping and other vital information. After a certain period, your loyal buyers can redeem the accumulated points for a shopping voucher or other gifts.

4. Which Type of POS Suits Your Style and Needs

The kind of POS cash register you buy depends on your needs.

But you first need to know the different kinds of point of sale systems at your disposal:

• Desktop POS System

For your cash register software to work, you will need

compatible software. Desktop POS merely run on your computer or laptop, either on a desktop app or a browser. It can also run it on an on-premise system. You can connect accessories such as barcode scanners, cash drawers, and credit card readers, so it becomes like a regular cash register.

The best features of desktop POS include accurate and

convenient inventory management, reporting and analytics and ability to send and receive emails to and from customers. It is also easy to run and monitor

customer loyalty programs that lead to better customer retention. Customers can also leave their personal information, so you have a closer relationship with them.

• Mobile POS System

Mobile POS (or mPOS) uses a mobile device such as a

Smartphone or tablet to act as a point of sale terminal. Such systems allow you to attach a credit card reader, run your POS software and you are good to go. High quality mPOS cash registers support many hardware options. It means you can attach peripherals such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers.

The strongest advantage of mobile point of sale system is

the convenience it brings. The high portability lets you ring up your sales

quickly and on the spot. Many small business owners choose mobile mPOS because it does not occupy too much space.

• The All-In-One POS system

All-in-one POS systems offer both mobile and desktop point

of sale solutions. Such systems have all the features I have mentioned above for the two types. The sophistication and advanced performance of the

all-in-one systems make them ideal for established premises. The system allows established retailers to run multiple stores and implement various processes.


5. Buy from a Reliable Cash Register Manufacturer

If you desire to buy a top-quality, innovative, robust and

reliable POS cash register, it’s crucial you choose a manufacturer that pay attention to customer needs. The firm must also keep pace with technology.


NOBLY Technology offers various types of point of sale cash

registers of first-class quality. Our POS cash registers will provide you with smooth operation, high levels of stability, ease of use and effortless development. The registers are incredibly durable, maintenance free and have plug and play features.

Our simple touch screen POS cash registers for small

businesses can significantly reduce your purchase cost as well as your post-use expenditures. I’m confident you’ll get good quality POS cash register to meet your needs and expectations.

Final Words

Consider your needs, the current size of your investment and

your plans or aspirations. Security features and innovativeness are other

factors that should influence your choice if you must get good-quality POS cash register. For more information, contact NOBLY Technology.

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