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NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel

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FoShan, China (Mainland)
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3-15 Days
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T/T. Paypal. Western Union
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Product Information of NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel
Enterprise Strength
  • NOBLY Technology adopts advanced production and management technology to carry out organic production. We also maintain close partnerships with other well-known domestic companies. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and professional services.
Product Details
Next, NOBLY Technology will present you with the specific details of pos machine.Well-chosen in material, fine in workmanship, excellent in quality and favorable in price, NOBLY Technology's pos machine is highly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.
Company Advantages
1. NOBLY Technology portable cash register is manufactured by ordinary machining methods, including fixed edge, lathe machining, drilling, chipping, CNC machining, honing processing, etc.
2. The product has stable operation performance. With overload and overpressure protection, it always runs stably even in rigorous conditions.
3. The product can continue to operate. It can be used for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, except for maintenance.
4. It produces very little heat during its whole operation process. Unlike many alternatives which heat up after they are used for 2 hours, it is totally different from them, said by some of our customers.
5. The lightweight and compact design of this product enable people to move and transfer it freely and easily without adding much burden.
Product Display
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-1

NOBLY C86C Touch screen POS cash registers is easy operated with rich functions.C86C is divided into two versions:Single POS system and cloud POS system.Single POS system can work stand-alone no need network.Cloud POS system with point of sale APP realize several machines’ data sharing and computer and mobile terminal data management by Cloud platform data exchange. NOBLY POS company is focusing on the production and R&D of the cash registers industry for 20 years.C86C is a professional retail pos,restaurant pos systems,cafe pos and best POS cash registers for small business.

12 "inch" touch screen cloud pos system
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-2

NOBLY cash register C86C touch screen POS use 12inch capacitive touch screen, all operations are touch implemented and completed. Pure flat touch screen design is more contemporary and better. C86C is a cloud-based POS system that is an online cash register and smart cash register till. It can realize data sharing of cloud platform and data exchange between cash register machine, computer, mobile phone and cloud platform.

Cloud storage data,computer or Mobile remote viewing report
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-3

C86C Cloud POS system is an online pos system and POS computer system. All basic data, include PLU information and member information, are stored in the cloud platform, and electronic cash register obtains data information from the cloud platform for operation in real time; E-diary transaction information is uploaded to the cloud in real time, supports the computer and POS APP to remotely view the store business report in real time. It is an Internet cash register that supports mobile phone report and POS accounting.

Cell phone VIP, Chain VIP,Cellphone One Card System
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-4
NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-5

Cellphone One Card System is a member management system and POS manage system that is independently developed by NOBLY and used with the NOBLY point of sale devices. Mainly in response to the mobile phone membership model used by mainstream smart phones today, mobile phone is customer's VIP card, which replaces the traditional physical VIP card. Install the POS APP of NOBLY Cellphone One Card System, self-register to become a store member, Cellphone One Card System can self-recharge, consume and use electronic card coupons. VIP information is stored in the cloud platform enable multiple stores to share VIP info..This online POS system suitable for chain stores and brand stores.

ALL IN ONE POS with customer display,printer and cash drawer
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-6

NOBLY pos company mainly develops and produces integrated touch screen cash registers. C86C POS comes with a 58MM thermal receipt printer, with four notes three-segment lock metal cash register drawer and with an 8-digit LED customer display. It is a touch screen POS cash register integrated with POS hardware/operating system/payment software.

Computer cloud networking POS management system Catering & Retail version
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-7

NOBLY C86C cloud networking cloud POS system can be used as background POS management system with ”NOBLY Cloud Management system ” on computer. "Cloud Management system" can realize basic data editing, with detailed business statistics reports, and support real-time data exchange between cash registers, cloud platforms and computers. The software is available in two versions, restaurant POS system and retail POS system. Retail POS system has multiple warehouse inventory management functions, which is POS inventory system. Restaurant POS system has table management and multi-standard menu settings, supports order online by mobile POS APP and several kitchen printers simultaneous output.

Cell phone ordering,Mobile Remotely order
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-8
NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-9

NOBLY Could touch screen cash register supports order by mobile POS app, mobile phone is your order ipad . Waiter can install NOBLY ”Cellphone One Card System” app on his smart phone, use the mobile phone to order. After order on the mobile phone ,menu is send to the cash register through the cloud platform, and synchronized to the kitchen printer.

Cell phone APP Management software,support Mobile phone receipt
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-10
NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-11

NOBLY Cloud Network Cash Register can be used with the mobile phone APP “Cellphone One Card System”management software developed by NOBLY. The POS app is very simple and practical to use with smart phones. It can edit PLU, manage cell phone VIP , import mobile phone advertise pictures, view business reports, synchronize data to the cloud and summary cash register statistics report. Clerk and cashier can directly use mobile phone to collect money,

Can connect peripherals
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-12

C86C cash registers integrate various external interfaces, including 2 USB ports, 2 serial ports, 1 LAN port and 1 cash box interface. To fit usage of different places, C86C could be connected with various external POS peripherals, such as external receipt printer, kitchen printer, label printer, barcode printer,bar code reader, QR code reader, electronic scale, IC card reader and magnetic card reader(MSR).

NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-13

NOBLY touch screen cash register is widely used for collection management in retail business and the catering industry. C86C is retail pos,restaurant point of sale,Cafe POS,bar pos system and best cash registers for small business .

simple POS and cloud POS for optional
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-14

C86C cash register has single POS software and internet cloud POS software version. Single POS system is completely single-machine operation, can be off-line, without internet support. Cashier software is highly user-friendly, with powerful function and easy to use, and it’s suitable for single-store. For internet cloud POS software, all data is stored in cloud platform, which realizes Internet data exchange and sharing, and it supports multi-clients end data sharing POS APP. It can be used together with NOBLY Cloud Management system backup software on computer and NOBLY Cellphone One Card System software.

Factory Display
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-15
Why Us
More than 20years POS cash registers/POS software R&D/manufacture experience;
We have a team of professional designers that can provide you with the best original design solutions in a short time. Most of our designers have a wealth of display device experience.

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-16

Our Customers
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-17

Our Certificate
NOBLY 12 "inch" touch screen cash register C86C simple POS system

NOBLY Technology standard sales register assurance for hotel-18

Company Features
1. By constantly improving quality of sales register and its service, Foshan City NOBLY Technology Co., Ltd is deeply relied on by customers.
2. NOBLY Technology has established the complete method to guarantee the quality of sharp electronic cash register .
3. As a company dedicated to social responsibility in our business practices, we work to reduce our overall impact on the environment mainly by minimizing our waste streams and emissions. We are making all efforts to transform our manufacturing methods into lean, green, and conserving ones that are more sustainable to both business and environment. Innovation is our current business development focus. We encourage innovation must be agile, focuses on meeting customers' unmet needs rather than doing innovation all for ourselves.
Yep! It holds Cash!
Works beautifully!
Keeps family, friends or strangers out of your personal treasures as long as you keep the key on you. A little heavy for the elderly but well worth it.
Nice box. Good size. I bought 2 for the Girl Scout cookie sales we were doing this season. Very sturdy and a nice weight.
its a box.
This is perfect for petty cash
Over all I am pleased with this product. It serves the purpose I intended for it very well. Only flaw was in the fact that the plastic tray inside of the box was damaged around the edges, presumably due to rough handling by the shipper. However this tray wasn't required for my intentions and I am pleased with the product.
very strong, good appearance well layed out. Good buy.
Good product.
Practical key rings. Exactly what it says on the description, easy to install on a normal size key. I now have the caps on all of my keys, except for my car keys, room key, cabinet key, etc. These key rings are also suitable for smaller keys. I was very happy to see that my smaller gas cap key and lock box keys were able to accommodate the caps. Also, the main reason I bought these key rings was to separate my own keys from my parents' keys. On several occasions they had pocketed my keys. But don't worry now, my key is colorful. So it's easy to identify the key. The package contains enough different colors so I didn't have to repeat a cap color on any of my keys. PS: They bought my family's key label for my parents. They are very satisfied because they are useful. I will definitely buy again.
My brother and I have both have many keys on the keychains. We lose a great deal of time fumbling through them when we're waiting to get into someplace. This is particularly bothersome in we're coming in with an armload of groceries and have to juggle them while finding the right key. I have used the same color for the back door/front door, etc. on both of our key chains so that if we have each other's keys for some reason, we'll still know which one to use. It would have been better to have instructions on how to put them on. But don't worry, it was easy enough to do once I saw the hole for the neck of the key. Most importantly, they work as expected to make me walk quietly. I have more than 10 keys, and now I can't hear the noise of the keys in the road.
These key rings are a good helper for a gatekeeper. Easy to see in dim lighting. Though the tags are round, they stretch to accommodate different shaped keys, and though it took a little wrestling to get these on some of my larger keys, so far they're working fine. These key caps have made my work more efficient where I have a pocketful of identical keys that I don't use often enough to memorize. No more wasting time trying the key. These key covers are very durable. Recommend.
This is the perfect size for my business, not too big, not too small, it's just right!
Cute little bank and/or keepsake box. Comes with 2 keys. Coin slot on top. My daughter is enjoying saving her coins and trinkets in it.
Love it, especially for how cheap it was. I believe the identical keys can be purchased online so be aware of that.
My grandma likes it for her money to be saved her so it kool.
Stacks neatly! The handle is recessed. Only slightly larger than the dollar bills themselves without being overly bulky. Solid built, softly rounded edges, understated for security. Perfect!
It's fine, however you do have to keep it locked to lift it from the top.
Good quality cash box. Best price I could find. Wish the coin slots were a bit wider but they work fine.
Does what I need it to do and fits where I need it to fit. Easy in and out as well as compartments for coins.
Works great. Very durable.
I bought this for my 8 year old grandson loves this. He can lock away all his treasures.
This is a handy cash box for taking to events where you have to collect cash. We used it at an event where people were paying their registration fee on arrival. It was all we needed to keep the process organized.
Works great for small change, etc. I use mine for cash holdings, hidden discretely. Would work well for a small business cash box.
Good small sturdy lockbox. I have no complaints and its got lots of room inside it if you remove the plastic divider insert!
Works for what I needed it to. Really is more of a coin drawer, but you can fit bills underneath the tray. It is good quality and a good buy for the price.
Absolutely well crafted, high quality. I was well pleased!
For the price, this is heavy duty & perfect for garage sales & craft shows. It has a compartment for change and underneath you can store dollar bills.
On the box it came in, this product is described as the 0.13Cubic feet (3.68L) model. This can be assumed to be the "Small" model advertised on Amazon. They just don't state that it is the "small" one explicitly on the box. I have also ordered the medium one and will do a side by side comparison soon. The box is made of tough metal, cold to the touch. The inside contains a plastic tray for coins or folded bills, but I removed that since I want to utilize the entire roughly 9"x7"x2" for my limited edition blu-rays during transport (I would be pretty aghast if the cover art got folded). I'm not using this to transport or carry money for several reasons although this would make an excellent cash box if kept in a safe place. I'm moving into my dorm in a couple of days and there aren't many great hiding places for this box. Anyone can carry it off and smash it to bits with a sledgehammer. What I would like to say is, some people have been worried about thieves potentially slipping a knife into the crack of this safebox (The lid does NOT snap shut fully). I can dispel these myths however--- the lid id lined with a protective edge. You're going to need a knife that is 1/4 mm thick to be able to slip through that. Furthermore, the lock cannot be turned unless the key itself is inserted. I'm not into picklocking so I'm not going to test this out with paperclip. Decidedly, this is an excellent multipurpose safebox. If you are living in your home, this would make a great safe for your cash or jewelry. If you are going to be traveling like myself, or renting a place, I would discourage you from carrying your money in this or any small, lightweight vessel since it can easily be carried off. Some people have also mentioned that they wish they could carry the box using its handle while the unit is unlocked. This is not possible, since the locking mechanism is the only piece of metal holding the lid and the container together. This is one of the cheapest lock boxes on Amazon and I guarantee it is plenty large for your cash storing needs.
Great product at a great price. A little bigger and heavier than I expected.
I took out the coin tray, and use this as a safe box in my dorm room to hold money, passports, and other things that I don't want to leave out. It fits nicely in a drawer or in the back of a closet where no one can see it. It comes with two keys, which is great in case you're prone to losing them.
Good product worked as needed.
Lock works great. Tested it by trying to break into it just for fun to see how well it works, didn't get very far. Aside from a few scratches, it held up great. Love the inside dividers in this safe too. Easily lets me divide my coin collections from my cash. Would recommend for anyone needing to keep their valuables under lock and key
Nice and sturdy perfect for my loose $ ¢ it's just as described. Kinda heavy but it's a safe I expected it to be. And super quick shipping as well!
Overall a well built little cash box but I did not realize that it lacked a simple latching system to keep the lid shut while unlocked so you can carry it by the handle in an unlocked setting. The lock is the only way to make sure the lid does not flip open freely so you have to keep the key on hand if you are going to carry the box by the handle. My old cash box had a simple latch in addition to the key so that you could have the lid closed and latched and you could carry it by the handle without having to lock and unlock it. The finish is a matte granular dark gray finish with a chrome handle and lock. There is a plastic insert tray with 6 small compartments. I wish the compartment had one larger one to fit bills. The tray only accomodates change. I would have liked the tray have one bill-holding divider so I could keep the large bills underneath inside the cash box with smaller bills easily accessible in the tray above. It's an okay box but it lacks some functionality compared to my old cash box.
working well. Not Fort Knox but that's not the point
This is perfect!! Exactly what i need for tag sales. Thank you.
This box is a blessing. No more medication is missing.
My daughter uses this for her babysitting money. She's happy with it.
Does the job but I wish it wasn't so heavy.
I bought this for my son to use to store valuables in college with hopes that no one would just steal the box, so far so good.
Good Safe that is study and protected. Worth the money spent. The price is awesome and is small so it can fit anywhere
Nice little cash box for the money. Key and lock work well and the box has a good handy size to it.
Probably easy to pick..someone could just pick it up & walk away with it.
Its small but perfect cash box for fundraisers we do
I'm treasurer of the salsa-dancing club at my university, and we needed a cashbox to adequately protect our cash which we got by selling nachos and collecting dues from members. Our previous method of holding money was putting it in an envelope and not even sealing it; so this, with 2 keys (one for me and one for another club officer), and a legitimate appearance, is enough to deter any would-be thieves, I'm sure. It's heavy but worth it.
This is a great little cash box. The key works very well in the lock, it feels secure, it isn't too heavy nor too light, this is exactly what I needed.
I bought this for my son to keep all his treasures and coins in. It is great for this. The size is just right and he likes locking his special things safely away from siblings. The plastic coin insert appears sturdy and likely will hold up well.
For the price, it's great. Just wished it would stay shut without having to lock it
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