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standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop

Standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop

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Product Information of standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop
Company Advantages
1. It is validated that the structure of sales register means having longer life. The product has spread over the world, including Australia, North America and so on
2. People who suffer from allergies and various skin conditions will probably come notice that this product will not agitate their symptoms. It can be connected to a variety of external devices
3. Repeated trials and tests are carried out to ensure the product quality. The product enjoys 1-year warranty
Product Display
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-1

NOBLY C86C Touch screen POS cash registers is easy operated with rich functions.C86C is divided into two versions:Single POS system and cloud POS system.Single POS system can work stand-alone without network.Cloud POS system with electronic point of sale APP realize several machines’ data sharing and computer and mobile terminal data management by Cloud platform data exchange. NOBLY POS company is focusing on the production and R&D of the pos system cash registers industry for 20 years.C86C is a professional retail pos point of sale devices,best pos system for restaurant POS,bar pos system,cafe pos and best POS cash registers for small business.

12-inch capacitive touch screen, cloud POS
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-2

NOBLY cash register till C86C touch screen POS equipment use 12inch capacitive touch screen, all operations are touch implemented and completed. Pure flat touch screen design is more contemporary and better. C86C is a webpos system that is an pos online and smart cash register till. It can realize data sharing of cloud platform and data exchange between POS cash register machine, computer, mobile phone and cloud platform.

Cloud storage data,computer or Mobile remote viewing report
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-3

C86C Cloud POS system is an online pos system and POS computer system. All basic data, include PLU information and member information, are stored in the cloud platform, and electronic cash register obtains data information from the cloud platform for operation in real time; E-diary transaction information is uploaded to the cloud in real time, supports the computer and POS APP to remotely view the store business report in real time. It is an Internet electronic cash register that supports mobile phone report and POS account.

Cell phone VIP, Chain VIP,Cellphone One Card System
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-4

Cellphone One Card System is a member management system and a POS online manage system that is independently developed by NOBLY and used with the NOBLY point of sale devices. Mainly in response to the mobile phone membership model used by mainstream smart phones today, mobile phone is customer's VIP card, which replaces the traditional physical VIP card. Install the POS APP of NOBLY Cellphone One Card System, self-register to become a store member, Cellphone One Card System can self-recharge, consume and use electronic card coupons. VIP information is stored in the cloud platform enable multiple stores to share VIP info..This online cash register suitable for chain stores and brand stores.

ALL IN ONE with customer display,printer and cash drawer
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-5

NOBLY cash register machine company mainly develops and produces integrated touch screen cash registers with point of sale software. C86C a POS comes with a 58MM thermal receipt printer, with four notes three-segment lock metal cash register drawer and with an 8-digit LED customer display. It is a POS cash register integrated with POS hardware/operating system/POS software.

Computer cloud networking POS management system
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-6

NOBLY C86C cloud based pos webpos can be used as background POS management system with ”NOBLY Cloud Management system ” on computer. "Cloud Management system" can realize basic data editing, with detailed business statistics reports, and support real-time data exchange between cash registers, cloud platforms and computers. The software is available in two versions, best pos system for restaurant system and retail POS system. Retail POS system cash register has multiple warehouse inventory management functions, which is POS inventory system. best pos system for restaurant cash register has table management and multi-standard menu settings, supports order online by mobile POS APP and several kitchen printers simultaneous output.

Cell phone ordering,Mobile Remotely order
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-7

NOBLY Could touch screen cash register till supports order by mobile electronic point of sale app, mobile phone is your order ipad . Waiter can install NOBLY ”Cellphone One Card System” app on his smart phone, use the mobile phone to order. After order on the mobile phone ,menu is send to the cash register through the cloud platform, and synchronized to the kitchen printer.

Cell phone APP Management software,support Mobile phone receipt
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-8

NOBLY cloud based pos system cash register can be used with the mobile phone APP “Cellphone One Card System”management software developed by NOBLY. The POS app is very simple and practical to use with smart phones. It can edit PLU, manage cell phone VIP , import mobile phone advertise pictures, view business reports, synchronize data to the cloud and summary cash register statistics report. Clerk and cashier can directly use mobile phone to collect money,

Connectable POS peripherals
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-9

C86C best pos system cash register till integrate various external interfaces, including 2 USB ports, 2 serial ports, 1 LAN port and 1 cash register drawer interface. To fit usage of different places, C86C could be connected with various external pos peripherals, such as external receipt printer, kitchen printer, label printer, barcode printer,bar code scanner, QR code reader, electronic scale, IC card reader and magnetic card reader(MSR).

NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-10

NOBLY touch screen POS cash register is widely used for collection management in retail business and the F&B catering industry. C86E is retail point of sale,restaurant POS solution,Cafe POS,bar pos and best pos system for retail small business .

simple POS and cloud POS for optional
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-11

NOBLY cash register till C86C POS equipment has simple cash register and internet cloud based POS software version. Simple cash register is completely single-machine operation, can be off-line, without internet support. Cashier software is highly user-friendly, with powerful function and easy to use, and it’s suitable for single-store. For internet cloud web based POS , all data is stored in cloud platform, which realizes Internet data exchange and sharing, and it supports multi-clients end data sharing POS APP. It can be used together with NOBLY Cloud Management system backup software on computer and NOBLY Cellphone One Card System software.

Factory Display
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-12
Why Us
More than 20years POS cash registers/POS software R&D/manufacture experience;
We have a team of professional designers that can provide you with the best original design solutions in a short time. Most of our designers have a wealth of display device experience.

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-13

Our Customers
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-14

Our Certificate
NOBLY 12 inch touch screen cloud Internet electronic cash register C86C

standard sales register screen marketing for retail shop-15

Company Features
1. Foshan City NOBLY Technology Co., Ltd is a large enterprise integrating production, research and development, sales and service of touch screen cash register for small business. Over the years, we have obtained a relatively substantial share of the market overseas. This mainly thanks to the increasing number of clients who have been cooperated with us for many years.
2. High-quality products are the foundation for us to win clients all over the world. We have strengthened the R&D capability to develop products featuring higher distinction and quality.
3. We have established long-term cooperation with customers. We have built up mutual trust and achieved a win-win situation over the years. Time has proved to us that they are our loyal customers. Putting the customer at the center of everything we do is a priority for us. We maintain trust by striving to provide our high-quality products and deliver excellent services.
inexpensive stylist. works great with EMS Toughbook
Included gaming keys feel weird when typing, but you have the option to just not use them. Great keyboard!
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Can't even compare this to any other keyboard I've ever had... it's like drugs, it's so easy to get addicted to.
I liked the sensitivity and ease of use and the quick response time. I use this for gaming
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I have owned middle of road cordless drills for year and decided to finally get something good. These drills are outrageously good compared to anything I have used before. Small, Solid, and powerful. The driver is ridiculously easy to use. The LED light is a really nice touch, but even without the nice touches, these are incredible tools. I don't know how I could ever have used anything else. 20 wasted years of using 2nd rate tools and being frustrated. I had debated getting the Makita, but contractors tend to use Milwaukee. I can see why. It is so much better to buy the right thing once than to have several that work just OK. For a few extra bucks, these are worth it.
I bought this set after having left my old Milwaukee impact driver out in the rain when I was installing Shutters for hurricane Matthew. My old one was soaking wet and it would not run so I went ahead and bought this set because of the great price and because I needed to remove my shutters. Well a couple of days later I tried my old drill just to see and to my surprise it ran as nothing had happened to it! That says a lot about the quality of the product, once the components dried it went back to work. I still chose to keep the order and get the new drills and until now I had not had a chance to use them. On Black Friday I decided to treat myself and got a new tv that I had to mount, I used the drill to make the holes on the wall and the impact drill to drive in the long screws. All the work was easy to do with these two pieces of equipment, I am very happy with my choice to purchase Milwaukee again. I even decided to donate my old impact drill to one of my neighbors who was very happy to take it.
Great gift
My son asked me for this product for Chirstmas. it came quickly and was well packed. He has used it and said it was amazing!!! Super effective shave and easy to use and a close shave for an electric razor.
I’m still getting the hang of shaving with an electric it but that’s on me, not the item. (Actually, the company has excellent customer service pages to help with that) it arrived promptly and as promised. Holds a charge for a good long time.
Too soon to give this shaver any more stars as i've only used it dry so far. I bought this as a replacement for a much older norelco battery-operated electric shaver and i have not concluded that i get a better shave or a more comfortable shave. This shaver is really much easier to clean which i do at each use. I will re-review after using it in my shower.
l found the shaver to be above and beyond my expectations. l have a tough beard to shave and every razor l ever had before fell short. The last razor l bought before this was a Braun which was a total disappointment. l had to run the shaver over and over the same spot and it still would not give me a close shave . The Norelco changed all that. Also the changeable head trimmers are an added bonus and they both work really well, Five stars all the way.
Came with a sanitizer that the razor sits in and charges through it BUT the cord that came with it plugs into razor fine but is the wrong plug for the sanitizer! can't use it.
Acceptable shaver. It does the job but it's too expensive. The trimmer attachment barely works.
I am extremely pleased with my new razor. I get a very close shave. Much better than my older Philips razor. I really like the nose trimmer as well. Very well designed.
I absolutely love this series by Tamora Pierce. I have always loved her books, I would read all of them growing up every time a new book came out. This series has four stories to it, and this is the first in the series. This story centers around a girl named Daine, who obviously by the indication of the title, has magic. However she is not like most people, because she has something called wild magic. I am not going to say anymore because I don't want to spoil to much. However, if you have read Tamora Pierce before and love fantasy and romance this is a wonderful series. This series spins a tale of love, friendship, and a girl who becomes a beautiful woman, learning along the way who she is, and becoming the person she desires to be.
Okay, so I'm 47 and not the age group the books are written for. I still love this world, and the people in it. In particular, I like the kind of character studies that Tamora Pierce and Mercedes Lackey write--interesting kids who get found by the right people and are helped to fulfill their potential. There are lots of stories about people who can talk with animals--but I particularly liked the twist in which the basic nature of the character is not what you'd expect. Having read this book makes it fun to see Daine in other books, like running into a friend when you're out doing errands. I do wish there had been more development of her relationship with her mentor, although maybe it's in one of the other books. The fact that the age difference is inappropriate at best warrants some explanation, although I think it's a lovely relationship.
Seriously, every time I read this, I love Wild Magic even more. It's written like a story that you would sit with by the fire and tell others. The world is heavily detailed and the build of power and conflict is at a good pace. All of the animals are amazing and I can't believe how much action is in this one book.
I highly recommend this series, as well as the Alanna one, and for that matter, The Magic Circle group as well. Tamora Pierce does a wonderful job with crafting exciting lands and adventures, with characters varied and well written so that the reader will align with their struggles. Wonderful variety of "strong characters", each with strengths and flaws that must be honed. This series, and the others mentioned above, were very shaping in my childhood, and I believe that they are ones to be shared. Encourage your mind and spirit with a little Wild Magic.
I picked these up for nostalgia reasons and was not disappointed. The first book is recommended for any pre-teen who wants to explore a new world, an audience of readers almost erased by the YA representation in fantasy.
I've been reading books by Tamora Pierce since I was about 9 and these books and this author I always go back to. I very much recommend them to both kids and adults. Daine is one of my absolute faves.
I am a huge fan of Tamora Pierce, and even though I'm a senior in high school, I still devour her books. The book begins the tale of a young girl, Daine, who has an uncanny relationship with animals. For fans of fantasy and animals, the book is a must. The Daine series is both imaginative and fun! I began my journey into the world of Tamora Pierce with this book, and I am forever hooked. I just recently reread this book, and loved it just as much as I did a few years ago. While this series doesn't necessarily require too much background, I recommend starting with the Alanna series. And wait, there's more: The Protector of the Small series. In my opinion, this is the best of the Tortall novels.
Ill start off by saying that I'm an avid reader. I can't read read just one book at the time and I read books this size in one night. I've read all of the classics, which I do absolutely adore. I've read a lot of the popular books out there over my whole life of reading as well as the ones that most people don't even know about from all different genres. I've read so many amazing authors and I'm terribly picky so when I say that I love a book and its writer you know that it fits into a very tough grading system. I fell in love with this series when a friend gave me this book for my birthday when I was in the 6th grade. I still love it and I think I love it even more now that I'm into my second year of college, more than 8 years later. It's so beautiful watching the characters grow (animals, immortals, and humans alike), from the young Daine(which when I searched how to say it, because for some reason I thought it was pronounced Diane for the longest time, actually means wild magic), the friends she makes (including the ones hon definitely don't expect), to the man she loves(though I won't ruin it for anyone who has yet to read it). I suppose I should not only say this series, because I've read all of the series that this amazing writer has written and I love them. I should probably say that I fell in love with Tamara Pierce and her wonderful writing skills. She is most definitely one of my favorite writers of all time, right along with Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, and the guilty pleasure of Shakespeare. I've recommended this to so many friends and even teachers who also grow to love these books. So if you've stuck it out through this incredibly long review I'm telling you that you won't regret buying this book. Considering that I've bought it twice(book and ebook) and don't regret it at all, it's totally worth it.
I can read this (or any other in the series) over and over. Simplistic yet rich with detail, they ease you into a magical world you never knew you wanted to be in and long to return to. There is not one Tamora Pierce novel that i don't absolutely love.
I grew up with Tamora Pierce's books, and remembered them suddenly the other day, so I had to revisit. It hasn't lost any of its charm! While the writing is definitely more aimed toward a younger audience, the stories are wonderful and satisfying fast reads, unlike many books I end up reading nowadays. I'd recommend these books to any young adult interested in satisfying fantasy, and any adult who wants a break from the denser and darker novels they might normally read.
Loved this book years ago. Still wild for it after just rereading it. Other quartets do not have to be read first, which is nice. I highly recommend!
This book will pull you in. Daine is a likable heroine who doesn't hesitate to stand up for what she believes in. She is on a journey to find a new home, and along the way she makes new friends, allies, and deadly enemies. The story is bustling with action and adventure, and some mystery about Daine herself. The world-building is believable, and each action scene is vividly imagined and rich with magic. Fantasy fans will love this book, as will animal lovers.
and you like fantasy, then this is the one! I have to say that Tamora Pierce's imaginary land of Tortall is where I go for fun in my dreams, and all her books are like a portal into a much different world full of awesomeness. Wild Magic is about an orphaned girl who falls into the right hands for once and makes friends out of Queen Thayet, Onua, Numair and all the other flavorfull characters that I've come to love in all of TPs books.
I read this series back when I was in high school. I am now,having it read to me by my cousin. it is bringing back memories. my cousin is already half way through the second book without me prodding her to read it. so if you want a truly enjoyable book read this one.
Great series. Book one sets up the series. Once you start reading its hard to put down.
I have read the immortal series I do not know how many times and love it more each time I read these books. This book in particular talks about a young woman who starts out with nothing but after a hard and long road ends up with everything and much more in the end. This book also gives encouragement to young women that as long as they put their minds to it and work hard they can achieve anything they wish. In my opinion this book is one of the best I have read and I would recommend this to all young women especially those with self-esteem issues.
Always love reading miss pierce's book. Was so happy to find then online for the kindle. Must read all of her portal books. They are simply amazing.
Another fantastic beginning from my favorite author! All the Tortall stories are amazing, and this series is another that makes the world it is built in explode ever wider before your eyes.
Daine's story should appeal to most. I enjoy reading the work of authors my grandchildren read for an assortment of reasons, among which is my love of the English language & its perpetuation unsullied.
A good book for those who enjoy happy endings and creative settings. Tamora Pierce does feel good fantasy very well.
Purchased for daughter, she loves the series.
I read this series as a young teen and instantly fell in love with it. Even now some *cough* 15 *cough* years later I still find myself completely hooked from the start!
By all means I am NOT a fan of country music. But when I heard "Lose It" on the radio for the first time...I had to find out who made such a great, catchy song. Who is Kane Brown? Why am I so attracted to his voice? This search lead me to this album. I really didn't want to buy it, but something (love?) was pushing me to do so. It's a nice album! (The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is because I think there's just a little too many slow songs on the album. Not that they're all bad, but I'm not a big fan of any slow songs whatsoever. I find them extremely boring especially when I'm driving)
I wanted to love this album as much as I loved his first, but I do not. It is just OK. I don't hate this album, Just don't love it. If I were to do it all over again, I would not buy this album.
I mean .. it’s Kane Brown, of course it’s great!!!!
My wife loves it.
good cd came brand new so no problems
Love this CD
Good cd
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