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What is the Best Touch POS Software Solution


What is the Best Touch POS Software Solution?

The term POS refers to Point of Sale. It is also known as POP meaning Point of Purchase. POS software simply means a software to process sales. It has much more features than this. It allows the business owners to accept payments.

There are many types of POS software out there in the market. Finding the best touch POS software solution can be hard. You need to consider many things before using one.

Key Features:
The key features that a touch POS software solution should have are the following:
1- Inventory tracking.
2- Sales monitoring.
3- Consistent operating speed.
4- Reliability
5- Data Management
6- Easy to use
7- Reasonable cost
Inventory Tracking:
With the help of inventory tracking feature in a touch POS software solution, you can keep track of your products. When a product is sold, it automatically lessens the number from your inventory.

Sales Monitoring:
Like inventory tracking, your sales should also be recorded in a touch POS software solution. It is a way of keeping an eye on how many sales have been made and how much profit or loss has been earned.
Consistent Operating Speed:
With consistent operating speed in a POS software, the work can be done quickly without any errors. Therefore, choosing a POS which has a good speed is necessary to keep all the records accurately.
A POS software should be reliable enough. You should be able to trust fully on it that it won’t make any errors about your sales, transactions and products etc.
Data Management:
Data management ensures the processing, storing and working of all your data. A good management of data is required for the best touch POS software solution.
Easy to Use:
It should be easy to use for every one, speaking every language, belonging to any state or region. Its features should be out in the front and not hidden. It should be convenient enough that it does not need learning.
Reasonable Cost:
What is the point of a costly software that does not even perform right? Before buying a touch POS software solution, make sure it is worth of its price. It should have all the features suitable for the price range or else it would be of no use.
Knowing your requirements:
Other than these features, the right POS software is decided by your own requirements.
●Budget: Consider your budget before buying a software solution for POS.
●Type: Knowing what type of POS is good for your business or industry is crucial.
●Touch or not: Touch POS software solution is easier to use and being an easy to use is a key feature of a POS software solution.
●Payment Processing: There are two major types of payment processing. Knowing which one is better for you is necessary.
1- Built in Payment processing.
2- Third Party payment processing.
Which Type is Best for you?
Types of POS:
There are four major types of POS software solutions. These are:
1- Countertop POS
2- Mobile POS reader
3- Retail POS system
4- Cloud Hosted POS
Countertop POS:
This type of POS is best to put in a small space. It is stationary. Countertop POS allows customers to swipe their credit cards. Many applications can be downloaded on it to enhance its features according to your desire. It is usually connecter via a LAN line. It is extremely convenient as all the features are out in the front. Usually best for brick and mortar stores.
Mobile POS Reader:
Mobile POS is used on your mobile phone. A software in installed that keeps al the tracks. It can be stored in very small space. It can be a little complex to use but not if you know how to properly operate your mobile phone. It is best for businesses which are moving such as a food vendor, a door to door salesman etc.

Retail POS System:
A Retail POS System is larger and takes a proper space. It consists of many features. It can handle a lot of traffic and work without any errors and problems. It is best to be used in restaurants, museums, cafes, etc. You can enhance its functions by downloading different applications.
Cloud Hosted POS:
Cloud Hosted POS are online based which can be operated by a mobile phone, laptop or computer system. They are inexpensive. They are best for startups.
Some best touch POS software solutions include Vend, Nobly POS, Rezku, shopify etc.
Vend is quite expensive but it offers many features. It is mainly built for iPad. Now an iPad itself is extremely expensive and you can’t put it at a particular space. It can also be used on a PC or laptop. But even if it is expensive, it has many features that can be useful for you.

Nobly POS:
Nobly POS is a Chinese website. It includes amazing and cheap touch POS software solutions. They have a variety of POS for many kinds of industries and businesses.
●Weighing Retails Store:
Their touch POS software solution for a weighing retail store. It also has a weighing machine attached to it. It has many other features and is cheap. It is easy to use and reliable. The touch screen enhances the ease of it.
●Coffee Shop:
Nobly POS has a cheap, touch cash register. It has an automatic receipt making feature which is always typo free and errors free.
●Bakery Shop:
If you own a bakery shop, then Nobly’s touch POS software solution is the best for you. It has a small size. Therefore, it can fit easily in a small space.
For restaurants, Nobly’s Restaurant POS software solution are suitable. They are easy to use and contain many features. The touch feature makes it easier as there are no complex button systems.
Shopify is extremely famous POS. It is designed for iPads and iPhones specifically. It can handle your entire online and physical businesses. It is quite expensive but has many components such as receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawers and a card reader.
Rezku is designed for bars, restaurants and many other small businesses. It has many different features that other POS lacks.
In Short:
At the very end, I would say that the right touch POS software solution for one person could be wrong for another. Therefore, buy a POS according to your demands and requirements. Choose what is best for your business and what is easy to use for you so you can work quickly and efficiently.

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