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Why to be our distributors?


As NOBLY distributors you will find a range added benefits and support. NOBLY can provide you with excellent Product Training, Service and Advise with a personal touch. Well stocked warehouse with spare parts at a great rate and speedy delivery. Volume based and promotional discounts are available.


Widely used in applications such as retail stores, F&B shop ,convenience store, boutique, food palace,  jewelry and accessory store, Beverage store, vehicle sales ,Casual Dining, Family Style Restaurants, Smart Restaurants ,Bar, Quick Service Restaurants,Sandwich,Bakery,Coffee,Tea,Milk,Taco,Hamburger,Ice Cream and Yogurt,Specialty Foods,Specialty Gourmet,small grocery,Mini Mart, open market ,Salon,Hardware stores,and so on..


NOBLY devotes to customized service on the all in one touch screen POS cash registers system ,POS terminals and Cash Register Scales. We are eager to provide the specification and configuration that can leverage our latest technology to improve the quality / unique embedded POS terminal for businesses approach as well.


From Motherboard layout design to System and Mechanical design, everything is done in-house at NOBLY with our tills in customization and innovation.


In addition to our design capabilities, 100% of products are made in-house at NOBLY production facility from start to finish thus ensuring control in quality and flexibility.


NOBLY’s team of dedicated staff including sales, product managers, engineers and customer service representatives are there to answer any questions or inquiries you have in the shortest amount of time.


NOBLY offers different specifications in LCD as size :10” / 12.1” / 15”/7”  ,   different color: White/Black/ or customized, different operation language: Chinese/ English/other customized languages



Free software upgrade whole life

Customized LOGO POS Cash Registers or Scale

Free promotion bag or U-disk for distributors



Technical Support System

1. Provide the necessary professional training in factory.

2. Comprehensive technical support provide pre-sales & after-sales.

3. Presentation & promotion of the new innovative products & technology.

Spare Parts Warranty System

1. Provide certain spare parts in every order shipment.

2. Provide free maintenance or replacement spare parts within the given warranty.

3. Provide free maintenance technology and spare parts chargeable under out of warranty.

Products Service Information

1. Provide the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.

2. Provide all technical training.

3. 1 year warranty for whole products.

Value-Added Service

1. Provide the long time maintenance service.

2. Provide the extended warranty as expected.

3. Provide the regular routine maintenance service.


Welcome to contact with us.

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